Challenge Bonus

Beliefs guide our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.

What if a belief is stopping your from being, doing, or having you continue to desire. It feels almost as if your will die if you don’t get it. And then, you awaken the next day’ still unfulfilled because you’re afraid to go for it.
Imagine acknowledging those beliefs, examining and evaluating them. While doing this exami-nation you realize that the beliefs do not align with who you are and who you’re becoming. And even though they’re out of alignment, you feel as if you cannot let them go because they’ve been with you for so long.

Now is the time to release them into the universe and move on with your life.

Making life altering changes requires more than just telling yourself to think happy thoughts. Learning to understand and shift your point of view, your beliefs and even your language, can end much of the emotional suffering you create for yourself and in relationships. Gary van Warmerdam’s book, MindWorks offers a simple guide for understanding the complexities of your mind’s inner workings and a step by step practice to facilitate change. Whether your trans-formation is large or small, you will surely look at yourself and the world in a completely new way.