Challenge 5


Waking up at night in a cold sweat because you’re not living your life your way can be the motivation for change.

This change will only take place when you decide that you’re worth it. Deciding that you’re worth it takes courage and requires you to do some things differently.

I was on a Mastermind Call the other day and experienced an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment when someone said, “In order to BE someone you’ve never been, you must do something you’ve never done.” WOW, that was very powerful for me.

How will you live your blissful life if you do not change who you’re being. Zoe McKey says in her book, Catching Courage: How To Stop Hesitating, Take Control Over Your Anxieties, And Believe In Yourself – Use Obstacles To Your Benefit, that it’s time to “BE gutsy in every situation life throws in your way.” Living blissfully takes guts and you have all you need to claim your bliss now.