Bliss is a choice that amplifies and surpasses happiness and joy. It is often compared to euphoria. Euphoria is often event or situational driven; bliss is chosen moment by moment. Using your energy and power of choice, you get to teach yourself how to think, telling yourself to look for and find your bliss daily no matter what is going on in your environment.

Does the mere thought of being blissful cause you to cringe? All you can think of is, what would that feel like and look like for me? Yes, I understand happiness, which is often short lived, so what is the difference?

I’m glad you asked, happiness happens and most often occurs in conjunction with an event, idea, situation or opportunity. When you say or hear someone say, “I’ll be so happy when…” tells you that your happiness is situational.

Oh and by the way, in the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness starring Will Smith clearly shows that everything he did was based on his desire to succeed. Success to Will was totally situational and opportunistic; most of the time he experienced frustration and disappointment.

What would it mean to you to be free of frustration, disappointment, and anxiety? What would it mean to you to stop pursuing happiness and attract bliss?

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Practicing being blissful is like crossing your arms in the opposite direction. It will feel a little awkward at first, the more you do it the more comfortable it becomes. Doing something new or different is most always uncomfortable until it becomes a habit.

Wouldn’t it be great to make being blissful your habit, because bliss:

• Reduces your stress level.

• Develops healthy relationships

• Instills confidence and courage

• And so much more

Choosing bliss in spite of all that is going on in your world requires a new and different way of thinking and being. It requires that you release, eliminate, and/or give up the learned behavior of waiting for situational-based happiness and allow yourself to be alive and aware in each moment. Being in this state makes you conscious of your feelings and encourages you to choose bliss.

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Just imagine for a minute that you awaken and feel a sense of peace, contentment, and expectation. These feelings helps you jumpstart your day.